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Choosing a Log Cabin or a Tiny House in Montana or Colorado

You Want to Downsize

There is this little piece of land that you have, and your are trying to decide if you want a Log Cabin built on skids.  This way you can put your Log Cabin or your Tiny House on your property.  So let's contact Trailside Structures LLC in Montana.  They will be able to help us out.

Choosing a Cabin

currently building a cabin

So you are choosing a cabin, Let's Look at some of the more popular cabins that Trailside Structures has. This is where the fun begins.  Trailside Structures cabins are built to last, and they are designed to stand up to the elements throughout the year.  All of their cabins comes with options!  Which include Kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.  All of our cabins are built here in the USA.

One of the options you can choose is where the door is going to go.  I kinda like the door being in the middle, and have a big porch out front.  With possibly having a roof over the whole thing. So you will have some added outdoor room.

Inside trailside

Choosing you Kitchen

Deciding what you want in your kitchen and where you want it.  What kind of sink, and and do you want full size appliances.  Also do you want your sink so that you can look out the front or back of your cabin, which ever you prefer.  Do you want a light above your sink?  Most people do like lights above the sink so that they can see what they are doing.  Do you want darker cabinets, or if you prefer lighter ones you can choose that.  

Open Area

living area

Your living room and kitchen will be all open so that you can see everything that is going on, and feel connected with your guest.



Are you living off Grid or will you have a well and septic?  Let's go with you will have a well and septic.  You can have a bathroom with a Shower in it, and toilet and sink.  Maybe this is where you want to put your stackable washer & dryer.


Trailside Bedroom Furniture

Would you like your bedroom on the main floor?  Or if you want it in the loft, using stairs?  Since you have downsized you probably don't want a ladder going to the loft.  Now that you have decided where you bedroom is.  Did you know that we also make custom Rustic Furniture?  We Do, you can order a bedroom suite to go with your bedroom.


kitchen cabinets

So we can put you in a loft, and have stair steps go up for you.  Then you won't have to climb the ladder. You can use this space as a second bedroom, or an office.  This space has unlimited use for everyone.

You have a Dog

dog run plans
Heated Dog House

You have a dog, and you don't always want to leave him in your Cabin when you are away from home.  So Let Trailside Structures build you one.  We have a new Kennel that is heated,  So your dog can stay nice and warm in the winter months.  This would make a great addition to any Cabin.

Tiny House

Tiny House

Your downsizing, and you don't want to live full time in a cabin, you want to be able to come back to your land and just hang out on the weekends.  So you have chosen a Tiny House.  You will be living off grid, just getting away from everything.  Just want you wanted.  Well Trailside Structures can help you out.

Having a Tiny House, you will have all of the convenience of home.  But just in a smaller place.  This way when you need a weekend getaway to your property that you have, you will have a dry warm place to stay.

Living in a Tiny House, you normally only have 400 square ft.  So it is tiny.  You can have a composting toilet, Solar Power for electric.  You could make this space the way you want it.  If you want the Tiny House to be the place that you go to Blog, or write.  Then we can make a cozy place for you.

You can have yourself a little Kitchen, maybe with just 2 burners to make Tea with, or you can go with just a small wood burner stove to keep you warm, and you could also cook on it.  Have a loft with a mattress in it. Have a small couch, with a fold down table so you can sit and write your book, or to do blogging at.  Maybe you work from home.  And the Tiny House can be a place you go for peace and quiet to get your work done.

You can't go Wrong with a Cabin/Tiny House

When you have Trailside Structures LLC build a Cabin or a Tiny House for you.  Your not going to be disappointed with the service or the product you will receive.  This company will sit down with you and help you with all of your design needs.  When your build is down, they will deliver your Cabin or Tiny House to your location.  You will just have to make sure that your site is prepared for them.

They have so many different products to offer you.  If you want to furnish your cabin, they make awesome Rustic Furniture.  Make sure you check that out on there website.  This company is always willing to help you out with what ever you have decided to build.

We want your experience to be pleasant and productive from start to finish.  You can expect quality products from Trailside Structures LLC.  We enjoy providing quality products that will offer lasting memories, and added value to our customers.

Areas we Deliver To

We are currently delivering to the following areas:  Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. 

Contact Us

Give us a call at 1-800-655-5322 or you can always email us at  We would love to sit down with you to plan your next project.