Log Cabin Builders in Colorado

Prefab Log Cabins in Colorado

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all and spend time surrounded by the quiet beauty of nature? Pre-built cabins can provide the instant oasis you’re looking for. Trailside Structuresare custom log home builders in Colorado offer plenty of options to suit your lifestyle. We also specialize in custom cabins, so if there’s a design detail you have your heart set on, we can help make it happen.

Custom Built Modular Cabins

Whether you have fond memories of staying in a log cabin on summer vacation, or whether you envision a storybook-style retreat, consider adding a cabin to your backyard to bring the getaway closer. They can be placed anywhere on your property. Today’s modular log cabins are built with functionality in mind while maintaining the rustic charm found in the cabins of yesteryear. Prefab log cabins can be built to your specifications and then transferred to your site after the cabin is completed. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to achieve your own dreams of having a cabin at an affordable cost

Small Cabin Guest Houses

These cabins may be small but offer a big return on your investment. They are beautiful to look at and built out of high-quality materials. Smaller cabins can also be incredibly energy efficient because they take less energy and fewer materials to build.

Most cabins on the smaller side are only one story but you can maximize your space by adding a loft. Our small cabins come with a spacious 6’ front porch to bring the outside in. Your cabin can be a space for children to play or for extra overnight guests.

Pavilion-style smaller cabins are another option to consider if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, especially in the summer. These cabins boast handsome log railings, timber frames, and metal roofing available in a variety of colors. They’re the perfect place to grill the day’s catch.

Hunt Comfortably with Trailside Structures Hunting Cabins

For the fishing or game enthusiast, a hunting cabin is your space to relax after a long day in the woods. You can also use it to store your hunting gear in between trips. It can be very small and cozy or large enough to include a kitchen, bathroom, and loft area if your hunting spot is far away from town and you want something familiar to come back to.

You don’t have to worry about heating or cooling issues when you purchase quality hunting cabins. Log cabins for sale in Colorado come fully insulated with fiberglass and Pro Dex reflective insulation so your space never gets too drafty or too hot. You can also add baseboard heaters or a stove chimney kit for a truly rustic escape.

She Sheds Are In

What is a she shed? She sheds are a space for “just the girls” where you can have some alone time away from the family to craft, knit, or just relax. It is essentially the woman’s version of a man cave. Your she shed can be as individual as you are, filled with decorative touches that reflect your unique personality. Custom details like spacious closets and dormer windows give you lots of space to fuel your creativity. Because these sheds can be on the smaller side, they can quickly be added to your backyard hideaway. You can even furnish it with Trailside Structures’ custom rustic indoor furniture!

Prefab Log Cabins for Sale

A prefab cabin is a cost-effective choice to consider when you’re thinking about updating your backyard. They can be designed to fit any style and budget. One of the latest trends in cabin design is including all the comforts of home. Open floorplans, large kitchens, and even a spacious bedroom aren’t out of the question. You can even add a door between the bedroom and the rest of the cabin for additional privacy. Above all, the most important thing is to select a quality cabin that will require minimal exterior or interior maintenance but will maintain a handsome appearance for years to come.

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Modular Log Cabin Gallery

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We Are Beyond Impressed!

We are very pleased with our new 10×20’ shed delivered yesterday. We are most impressed with the quality and workmanship that went into building it to our request. The flooring and structure is most impressive. I worked with the service department for a few years doing trailer modifications on portable office spaces and at construction sites. This included not only repairs but cut-in windows and doors and walls. So when Vivian and I looked around for a replacement shed we found your products were above the rest as far as workmanship and quality. As you saw I have built some sheds myself and found the price and quality were in our best interest to have our new shed built by you. Thanks once again for your efforts on our behalf as we are sure this shed will last and meet our intended use for many years. Vivian, and I agree with her, this shed looks better than some of the houses we’ve seen and been in that people are living in.

Tony & Vivian Blackwood