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Experience the Unmatched Quality of Amish Craftsmanship

Indulge in our extraordinary collection of modular log cabins, meticulously handcrafted by skilled Amish artisans. Each structure embodies the time-honored traditions and exceptional craftsmanship that have made Amish-built products renowned worldwide. Choosing Trailside Structures means more than acquiring a beautiful log cabin – it's an investment in the unmatched quality and lasting value that comes from the hands of master craftsmen.

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Elevate Your Interior Living Space

Enhance the charm of your tiny house or modular log cabin with our exquisite rustic furniture. Combining classic rustic style with the durability of modern craftsmanship, our furniture not only adds a touch of elegance but also saves you the hassle and expense of frequent replacements. Spend less time worrying about furniture and more time savoring the beauty of your home.

Welcome to Trailside Structures

Where Beauty Meets Functionality

Instantly treat yourself to a beautiful, functional living or work space with affordable indoor furnishings and storage solutions from Trailside Structures. We offer uniquely and finely crafted furniture and structures that include many products created locally in Montana!

Our Customers Come First

Our unparalleled commitment to customer service means your experience will be pleasant and productive from start to finish. You can expect quality products and any assistance you may need from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. To put it simply, we enjoy providing quality products that will offer lasting beauty and value to customers like you.

Experience Matters

We're a well-respected company with many years of experience in the wood industry. We know what it takes to make quality furniture, storage buildings, and modular rustic cabins. From building the product to delivery to the customer, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of the business. We also take pride in the quality of the products we offer. Our goal isn't simply to sell something and call it a day. Our business is built on fostering and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Finely-Crafted Furniture and Affordable Storage Solutions

Whether it's a single room, entire house, office, weekend cabin, or backyard you want to enhance, you're sure to find what you need from Trailside Structures. Our high-quality, Amish-crafted furnishings and storage products are all handmade in Montana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Montana’s Best Prefab Modular Cabin & Tiny House Builders

If it’s time to upgrade your existing modular log cabin or looking to build on your current property, look no further than Trailside Structures. We are your trusted source for quality furniture, prefab log cabins and tiny house builders that will be a welcome addition to your property for many years. Thanks to our reasonable prices and convenient payment options, you’ll have no problem finding a cabin or furnishings that are right for your needs, preferences, and budget.


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Quality Interior Furniture

Our rustic furniture is ideal for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, or business owners who want to embrace a charming, natural look for their home or business environment. Whatever your preferences happen to be, you’ll definitely feel at home right away with your new furniture. Our experienced builders will help you decide what works best with your current property as well as working with your budget.


Our premium-quality products include:

  • Rustic Indoor Furniture
  • Hickory Bedroom Sets
  • And More!
Trailside Structures Rustic Furniture

It was a pleasure working with you guys

It was a pleasure working with you guys. Please tell Andrew and all the guys I really appreciate their hard work and attention to detail. All the work they did on the conversion was perfect. Lisa and I both learned a lot and look forward to working with you guys in the future. I’ll refer folks to you any chance I get!