Dearborn Log Cabins

Front view of a Dearborn Log Cabin with a front porch

Imagination Takes Center Stage

Say hello to the Dearborn Log Cabin—simple and versatile, just the way you like it. Whether you’re after a weekend getaway or a hunting retreat, this basic cabin is your blank canvas. It comes with insulation, electric wiring, an 8’ loft, and a 6’ porch—ready for your personal touch.


The Dearborn Log Cabin stands for simplicity and practicality. With a 6’ porch and an 8’ loft, it offers character and versatility to personalize your living space.


Step into a spacious, open interior, a blank slate for your creative cabin layout. The loft, adorned with log railings and a 24”x24” window, provides a charming retreat within.


Make it yours with choices like flooring and interior finishes. The 6’ porch, complete with log railing, extends your living space outdoors. Welcome to the Dearborn—a cabin where your imagination takes center stage.


Our cabins are built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The logs are carefully selected and hand-hewn by Amish craftsmen, and the cabins are assembled with precision and care. The results are cabins that are both beautiful and durable.


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Product Description

Foundation and Flooring:

  • Supported by robust 4×6 Pressure-Treated Base Skids, ensuring a solid foundation.
  • 2×10 Floor Joists, thoughtfully spaced 16” on center, are equipped with R-30 Insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • A stable and reliable base is established with the ¾” Tongue & Groove OSB Subfloor.
  • Indulge in the luxurious feel of COREtec Pro Plus Waterproof Clip-n-Lock Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, with the option for Vinyl Sheet or Clip-n-Lock LVP Flooring in bathrooms.

Walls and Roofing:

  • Engineered with 2×6 Exterior Wall Framing featuring R-21 Insulation for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Charming 4×4 Douglas Fir Exposed Rafters, spaced 4’ on center, provide a combination of charm and durability.
  • A unique Sunburst Truss Design is implemented every 8’ – 12’ of living space, adding character and structural strength.
  • The interior boasts 1×6 Knotty Pine Tongue & Groove on the ceiling above rafters and on interior walls, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • 2×8 Rafters, spaced 2’ on center, are insulated with R-38 Foam Insulation for optimal temperature control.
  • All interior wood is meticulously sealed with a Latex-Based Clear Finish, ensuring a pristine and timeless appearance.
  • Additional protection is provided by a 7/16” OSB layer under the siding on all sides.
  • Safeguard your cabin against the elements with a House Wrap Moisture Barrier installed under all siding types.
  • The roof features 7/16” OSB on top of 2×8 Rafters, Synthetic roofing underlayment, and a durable 40-Year Painted Steel Roof for longevity.

Doors and Windows:

  • Style and privacy meet with an Insulated Full Lite Door with Internal Blinds.
  • PlyGem 200 Series Windows, equipped with Low-E 180 Glass and Argon Gas insulation, ensure energy efficiency.
  • These windows, featuring a Clay Color frame, are Single Hung (No Grids), maintaining a clean and attractive look.

Loft and Porch:

  • The charming and sturdy upper level is provided by the Douglas Fir 2×6 Tongue & Groove Loft Floor.
  • Enjoy easy access with a loft featuring Log Railings and a ladder, complete with included hardware.
  • Step outside to a welcoming 6’ Porch with Treated Wood Decking, Log Posts, and Railing (on applicable cabins), creating an inviting outdoor space to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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Spacious Interior Design

Discover the freedom of a generously open interior, allowing you to unleash your creativity when arranging the layout of your cabin. This expansive space provides the flexibility to design a living area that perfectly suits your preferences.

Elevated Loft Experience

Ascend to an 8’ loft with carefully crafted features, including a regular outlet, a light outlet, log railings, a log ladder, and a 24”x24” window. This loft adds an extra layer of functionality and charm to enhance the overall cabin experience.

Electrical Convenience and Versatility

Experience the assurance of standard electric wiring to code, inclusive of electric heating with three customizable options. This ensures your cabin not only meets electrical standards but also provides the flexibility to tailor the heating system to your specific needs.

Charming Porch Retreat

Indulge in the tranquility of a 6’ porch featuring log railings. This charming outdoor space beckons you to relax and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. The porch serves as an inviting retreat, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your cabin.

Floor Plans

Dearborn Log Cabin floorplan
Available in 69 sizes from 12x20 to 16x50


Cover of the 2024 Montana and Wyoming Cabin Catalog

Montana & Wyoming

Cover of the 2024 Idaho Cabin Catalog



Product Options

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Close up of engineered hickory flooring in a cabin
Engineered Hickory Flooring
Close up of Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring in a cabin
Fir Tongue & Groove Flooring
Bathroom with steel wainscot and wood walls
Steel Wainscot
Cabin interior with vertical stained tongue and groove wainscot
Vertical Stained Tongue & Groove Wainscot
Close up of a cabin ceiling with stained beams
Stained Beams & Trim
Close up of a cabin ceiling with puck lights
Puck Lights
A cabin kitchen with a bar top and cabinets
Kitchen Bar Top
A cabin kitchen's peninsula with cabinets
Kitchen Peninsula
A cabin's kitchen with a pantry
Close up of a dishwasher cabinet opening in a cabin
Dishwasher Cabinet
Close up of a stainless steel farmhouse sink in a kitchen
Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink
Close up of a kitchen range hood with a vent
Range Hood with Vent
Cabin interior with a close up of an opening for AC and an outlet.
AC Opening & Electric Only
Close up of a cabin AC unit
AC Unit
Close up of a brown and black wood ceiling fan in an cabin
Ceiling Fan
Close up of a chimney kit for inside a cabin
Chimney Kit Interior
Close up of a propane tankless water heater in a cabin
Propane Tankless Water Heater
Cabin washer and dryer hookup
Washer & Dryer Hookups
Close up of a double vanity sink
Double Vanity
Interior of a cabin with a loft and ladder
Interior Loft
Close up of the inside of a pine closet in a cabin with shelving and a light
Pine Closet
Cabin interior with a pull down ladder leading to the attic
Pull-Down Attic Ladder
Wooden stairs with built in drawers
Stairs with Drawers
Close up of wood shelves in a cabin
Wood Shelves
Close up of a cabin's fake reverse gable
Fake Reverse Gable
An exterior view of a cabin with a functional reverse gable
Functional Reverse Gable
Front and side exterior view of a cabin with an open gable with sunburst truss
Open Gable with Sunburst Truss Design
Cabin exterior with a gable and trapezoid windows
Trapezoid Windows in Gable
A picture window on a cabin with single hung windows on either sides
Picture Window with Single Hung on Each Side
Exterior view of a cabin with a shed dormer
Shed Dormer
Cabin interior doorway with open double barn doors
Double Barn Doors
Close up of French Doors on a cabin's exterior
French Doors
Close up of a single barn door in a cabin
Single Barn Door
Close up of a wood screen door on a cabin
Wood Screen Door
Exterior of a cabin with a detached a-frame porch
Detached A-Frame Porch
Close up of a cabin's inset front porch
Inset Porch
Cabin with a side porch and roof
Side Porch with Roof
Close up of a cabin entrance with a side deck
Side Deck
Front exterior view of a cabin with a loft over its porch
Loft Over Porch

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