Front and side exterior of a Garden Shed with light gray siding and blue shutters

Discover Reliable Storage Sheds & Mini Barns in Montana

Expand your storage space without sacrificing the aesthetics of your yard and outdoor living area. At Trailside Structures, we specialize in crafting custom storage sheds designed to provide easy access to your everyday equipment while safeguarding them from the elements. From economy sheds and mini barns to garden sheds and studios, we offer a diverse range of outdoor storage solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Shed Styles

Front exterior of a New England Barn Shed with blue siding, stone accents, and white trim.

New England Barn Sheds

Our New England Barn Shed offers classic charm and swift installation inspired by New England Colonial architecture.
Front and side exterior of a Studio Shed with red and light gray siding.

Studio Sheds

The Studio Storage Shed brings a modern touch and tons of natural light, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an outdoor studio or home office.
Front exterior of a Victorian Shed with white siding, brown roofing, and a copper cupola.

Victorian Sheds

Discover the Victorian Style Storage Shed, a tribute to timeless elegance. Ideal for those who value classic beauty and versatile storage.
Front exterior of a High Barn Shed with tan siding and white trim.

High Barn Sheds

Introducing our High Barn Style Sheds – a rustic nod to the iconic farm barn, scaled for your backyard. This shed captures the essence of traditional rural barns, bringing classic Americana to your property.
Front exterior of a gray Garden Quaker Shed

Garden Quaker Sheds

Discover the Garden Quaker Shed, where classic design meets modern versatility – perfect for gardeners, homeowners, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
Colonial Garden Shed with brown wood siding, white trim, white double doors with windows, and a gray roof with a cupola.

Colonial Garden Sheds

Introducing the Colonial Garden Shed, a perfect fusion of timeless elegance and versatile functionality, ideal for those who appreciate classic design and practical storage.
A-Frame Storage Shed with tan siding, tan trim, dark double doors, dark windows with tan shutters, and brown roofing.

A-Frame Sheds

Discover classic design and budget-friendly functionality in our A-Frame Storage Shed. It’s built for durability at an unbeatable price, making it perfect for homeowners seeking quality storage solutions without breaking the bank.
Exterior of a tan and white Quaker Shed

Quaker Sheds

Meet the Quaker Shed, an A-Frame structure with a unique twist. Its significantly larger overhang in the front and higher front wall set it apart, giving it a distinctive personality and added functionality.
Front exterior of a small Garden Shed with white siding and gray roofing.

Garden Sheds

Our Garden Sheds offer full customization for homeowners seeking a unique storage solution. These sheds, based on our A-Frame design but with a steeper roof pitch and larger overhangs, provide a versatile and personalized storage space.

Stylish Outdoor Storage Solutions

Why settle for an ordinary storage shed that detracts from the beauty of your backyard? Enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space by choosing a storage solution that harmonizes with the look and feel of your existing home or log cabin. With various shed and mini barn styles to choose from, each with customizable options, we are confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Our custom features, including windows, doors, shutters, ramps, and shelving, seamlessly integrate your storage solution into your property, giving it a cohesive and timeless appearance. We can even match the colors of your home to create a truly cohesive aesthetic.

Custom and Pre-Built Sheds Built to Last

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic sheds that deteriorate within a single season. At Trailside Structures, we take pride in constructing outdoor storage sheds that stand the test of time. Our backyard solutions are built with durable materials such as pressure-treated wood, poly lumber, and vinyl, ensuring longevity and functionality. Rest assured that our structures will protect your valuable items and withstand the harshest weather conditions. Explore our online catalog to learn more about our high-quality sheds and discover the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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Enhance your property with reliable and stylish storage sheds and mini barns from Trailside Structures. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and let our knowledgeable team assist you in finding the perfect storage solution that meets your needs and complements the beauty of your property.

Highly Recommended! Great Work Relationship!

On Aug 11th Trailside Structures delivered a cabin I contracted them to build. The cabin was built in their workshop in Moore Mt. The structure of the cabin size was one of their standard size, roof style and wall height. I asked them to modify the interior and add a second floor which required lowering the floor and installing a fold down ladder to access the second floor. I asked them to shell up the cabin because I was going to finish out the inside myself. I worked with Trailside Structures giving them drawings and dimensions where I would like things and how and they were very receptive to the things I wanted, and they made suggestions of how they would like things, so it would make it easier to build and satisfy what I was looking for. First, I would have to say it was an excellent work relationship since there was an ease of setting on details of the cabin to fit my needs and for them to build the cabin. Second the materials and choice of colors was easy for my wife and me to choose what we were looking for in the cabin. I would highly recommend Trailside Structures to anyone who is looking for a utility shed they want to modify into a cabin.

Howard R. Duvall

We Are Beyond Impressed!

We are very pleased with our new 10×20’ shed delivered yesterday. We are most impressed with the quality and workmanship that went into building it to our request. The flooring and structure is most impressive. I worked with the service department for a few years doing trailer modifications on portable office spaces and at construction sites. This included not only repairs but cut-in windows and doors and walls. So when Vivian and I looked around for a replacement shed we found your products were above the rest as far as workmanship and quality. As you saw I have built some sheds myself and found the price and quality were in our best interest to have our new shed built by you. Thanks once again for your efforts on our behalf as we are sure this shed will last and meet our intended use for many years. Vivian, and I agree with her, this shed looks better than some of the houses we’ve seen and been in that people are living in.

Tony & Vivian Blackwood

It was a pleasure working with you guys

It was a pleasure working with you guys. Please tell Andrew and all the guys I really appreciate their hard work and attention to detail. All the work they did on the conversion was perfect. Lisa and I both learned a lot and look forward to working with you guys in the future. I’ll refer folks to you any chance I get!