Atrium Greenhouses

Exterior of a white Atrium Greenhouse

Embrace the Beauty of Gardening

The Atrium Greenhouse isn’t just a place to grow plants; it’s an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility in your backyard. This thoughtfully designed space enhances your gardening experience, offering much more than a traditional greenhouse. With its Twin-Wall Polycarbonate roofing, the Atrium creates an optimal environment for your plants, extending your gardening season and yielding healthier growth. But it’s more than that; it’s a sanctuary for you to escape the daily grind, a place where you can immerse yourself in the joy of gardening and the great outdoors.


The Atrium’s spacious 7-foot high walls, abundant natural light from vertical slider windows and transom windows, and customizable siding options make it a versatile canvas for your unique vision. Add flooring, and it becomes an inviting retreat, a place for relaxation, or a charming dining area for unforgettable moments with loved ones.

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Product Description

Elegant Exterior Finish:

  • Painted wall and roof framing for a refined and stylish appearance.

Generous Vertical Space:

  • 7′ high sidewalls offer ample headroom and vertical growing space for your plants.

Sleek Wall Paneling:

  • SmartPanel without grooves provides a smooth and clean interior look.

Abundant Natural Light:

  • Upper siding with 24×27 vertical slider windows on all four walls flood your greenhouse with natural light.

Transom Windows:

  • 24″ transom windows on all sides enhance ventilation and light distribution.

Tailored Siding Skirt:

  • Choose from SmartPanel, Vinyl, Board & Batten, or Lap for the 30″ lower siding skirt to match your aesthetic preferences.

Inviting Entryway:

  • A 10-lite 36″ wide Spanish Cedar entry door, complete with paint, welcomes you into your greenhouse.

Premium Polycarbonate Roof:

  • Commercial-grade polycarbonate gables and roofing provide superior insulation and protection for your plants.

Exterior Trim:

  • MiraTec exterior trim with 8″ roof overhangs enhances durability and complements the overall design.

Abundance of Windows:

  • Price includes as many windows as will fit on each wall (quantity varies per size), ensuring optimal lighting and ventilation.

Open Floor Plan:

  • Designed without a floor, allowing you to create a customized interior layout to meet your gardening needs.

Design Your Ideal Greenhouse Dimensions:

  • Width Options: Choose from 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′.
  • Length Range: Tailored to your needs, spanning from 8′ to 48′.

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A Break from the Ordinary

The Atrium reimagines the typical greenhouse, extending its purpose beyond the norm. While it excels in providing warmth on cool spring days and welcomes natural light through its Twin-Wall Polycarbonate roofing, it offers much more.

Your Personal Getaway

Escape the daily routine and find solace in your own backyard. A serene retreat designed to immerse you in the joy of gardening and the beauty of nature. The Atrium isn't just a greenhouse; it's an inviting destination, encouraging you to explore its many facets.

A Garden's Grace

Elevate your garden's charm with the Atrium as its elegant backdrop. Standing tall with 7' high walls and a choice of siding options, it radiates sophistication. Adorned with generously sized windows on all sides, it bathes the interior in gentle light and warmth.

Endless Possibilities

While rooted in greenhouse functionality, the Atrium offers limitless potential. With added flooring, it transforms into an enchanting outdoor retreat. Decorate with plants and comfortable seating for a serene outdoor space. Alternatively, introduce a dining set, creating an exquisite outdoor dining area for gatherings with loved ones.

Model Examples

Exterior of a tan Atrium Greenhouse with decorative stone siding.
Exterior of a white Atrium Greenhouse
Exterior of a white and black Atrium Greenhouse
Interior of an Atrium Greenhouse

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