Front exterior view of an 8x10 residential traditional dog kennel with light tan wood siding, brown trim, and a chain link enclosed dog run with an open door.

8×10 1-Dog Kennel

Introducing our 8×10 Residential Traditional Kennel, crafted with exceptional attention to detail and a classic design that blends seamlessly into any home environment. Delivered to a customer in Virginia, this originally stock kennel boasts an aesthetic appeal and functionality that make it a prime choice for pet owners.

Front and side exterior view of a 14x36 commercial kennel with red siding, white trim, gray metal roofing, a white window, a white entry door, and 6 dog runs.

14×36 6-Dog Kennel

Introducing our 14×36 Commercial Kennel, customized and delivered to a client in Edinburg, PA, designed specifically for breeding Collies. This expansive facility is crafted with the utmost attention to both functionality and aesthetic, ensuring it meets the unique needs of professional breeders.

Eight by ten residential elite dog kennel with gray wood siding, white trim, a white single door, a white window, one dog box, and 1 dog run.

8×10 1-Dog Kennel

Introducing the 8×10 Residential Elite Dog Kennel, delivered to a discerning homeowner in Woodinville, WA in 2020. This state-of-the-art kennel combines functionality with an elegant design, making it a top choice for pet owners looking for a premium living space for their dogs.

Interior view of a 16x46 Glacier Cabin showing the kitchen, hallway, and loft.

16×46 Glacier Cabin

Originally a stock cabin from our lot, this 16×46 Glacier Cabin recently found its home in Melville, MT. Perfectly suited for the outdoor enthusiast yearning for a home that blends into the natural landscape, or the city dweller looking for a serene retreat, this cabin offers the best of both worlds

Exterior of an 8x16 two dog residential dog kennel with brown wood siding, white trim, gray asphalt roofing, 2 windows with white trim, and 2 German Shepherd dogs in 2 separate dog runs.

8×16 2-Dog Kennel

Our 8×16 Residential Kennel, crafted for a pet-loving family in Sandoval, IL, is a practical and stylish home for their family dogs. This couple, who deeply value their dogs’ comfort, especially during their time away, chose our kennel for its thoughtful design and homely feel.

Back view of a custom 20x24 double wide commercial dog kennel with green siding and 4 dog runs.

20×24 4-Dog Kennel

This 20 x 24 Double Wide Commercial 4-Dog Kennel, selected specifically for municipal stray dog programs in Yelm, WA, demonstrates the kennel’s adaptability and resilience. Featuring Avocado LP siding with white trim and an Ash Gray metal roof, the design merges durability with a professional aesthetic.

Front and side view of a custom 12x32 Commercial Kennel with chain link dog runs and brown wood siding.

12×32 6-Dog Kennel

Explore our 12×32 Commercial Kennel, this structure was crafted for the discerning professionals in Spring Mills, PA. This robust kennel was finished with a Custom Stain Eco Wood in a sleek Gray and topped with a unique ABM Metal Roof in Rusty, blending seamlessly with both urban and rural settings.