Combo Greenhouses

Exterior of a teal Combo Greenhouse with hanging lights

Unlock Gardening Freedom

Our Combo Greenhouse seamlessly marries the benefits of a greenhouse with the practicality of additional storage space, all in one versatile structure. Greenhouses are perfect for nurturing your crops early in the year, but they often lack the room for essential gardening tools and supplies. Enter the Combo Greenhouse, the ultimate solution. By integrating a Lean-to style greenhouse with your choice of shed or garage, you get a complete potting shed package.


Gardening demands an array of tools, from pots and soil to shovels and trowels. Organizing these essentials can make or break a successful growing season. Instead of cluttering your garage or basement, our Combo Greenhouse provides a dedicated space right where you begin your plant journey. Crafted with the same quality and care as our standalone greenhouses, it features twin-wall polycarbonate panels for ideal growing conditions. Plus, you have the freedom to customize both the greenhouse and the attached shed to meet your exact needs.

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Product Description

Durable Exterior Trim:

  • Crafted with Azek or MiraTec exterior trim for long-lasting beauty and resistance to the elements.

Robust Foundation and Framing:

  • Built on a foundation of pressure-treated timbers and framing, providing stability and durability for your greenhouse.

Premium Polycarbonate Construction:

  • Featuring commercial-grade polycarbonate walls and roofing that ensure optimal insulation and protection for your plants.

Convenient Entry Access:

  • Equipped with a single entry door for easy access to your greenhouse space.

Efficient Ventilation:

  • Manual roof vents promote airflow and regulate temperature, creating an ideal environment for your plants.

Secure Anchor Kit:

  • Includes an anchor kit to ensure stability and safeguard against adverse weather conditions.

Open Floor Design:

  • Designed without a floor, allowing you to customize the interior to your gardening preferences.

Design Your Ideal Greenhouse Dimensions:

  • Width Options: Choose from 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′.
  • Length Range: Tailored to your needs, spanning from 8′ to 48′.

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Versatile and Practical

While traditional greenhouses help you start your crops early, they often lack storage space. Combo Greenhouses change the game. By combining a Lean-to style greenhouse with a Garden Shed, A-Frame, or any shed style you prefer, you create an all-in-one potting shed.

A Home for Your Gardening Tools

Successful gardening requires various tools and supplies – pots, soil, fertilizer, shovels, and more. To ensure a smooth process, you need an organized space. Instead of cluttering your garage or basement, store everything neatly within the same structure where your plants grow.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our Combo Greenhouses match the quality of our standalone greenhouses, featuring twin-wall polycarbonate panels. Customize the greenhouse's size to fit your seedlings and adapt the attached shed section to your preferences.

Built to Last, Designed for You

Forget about vinyl trim – choose paintable MiraTec composite trim, which resists moisture, rot, and termites. Concerned about pressure-treated framing? Douglas Fir offers a reliable alternative. Combo Greenhouses blend durability with customization, ensuring an efficient space tailored to your gardening goals.

Model Examples

Exterior of a Combo Greenhouse with the greenhouse on the left side.
Exterior of a Combo Greenhouse with teal and black siding
Exterior of a teal and black Combo Greenhouse
Exterior of a teal Combo Greenhouse with hanging lights
Interior of a Combo Greenhouse with hanging and potted plants.
Interior of a Combo Greenhouse
Exterior of a tan and white Combo Greenhouse with red roofing.
Small white and brown Combo Greenhouse with a cupola.
Front and side exterior of a white and gray Combo Greenhouse
Front and side exterior of a white and gray Combo Greenhouse

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