14x30 Commercial Kennel with red and white siding, black roofing, white trim, 5 boxes, and black trim.

What’s the Function of a Municipal Dog Shelter?

Animal shelters play an important role in communities because they keep people safe, reunite lost pets with their owners and rehome abandoned pets. There are broadly two types of shelters, rescue shelters and municipal shelters. Rescue shelters are typically non-profit organizations that rely on donations and volunteers. Municipal shelters, a.k.a. city shelters, are different because […]

rescue dog and volunteer

What Are the Different Types of Rescue Shelters?

Rescue shelters are a great way to find dogs or cats in need of rehoming and will often cost less than purchasing a pet from a pet store or professional breeder. Rescue shelters are usually non-profit organizations run by volunteers or a small staff of paid employees, which rely on adoption fees and donations to […]