Lean-To Chicken Coops

Exterior of a 4x5 Lean-To chicken coop

Space-Saving Sophistication

The Amish Lean-To Chicken Coop Series offers a space-efficient, high-quality solution for chicken keeping, ideal for small backyards or urban settings. These coops, crafted by skilled Amish artisans, feature a compact design that fits against fences or walls, saving valuable outdoor space. Its smart design does not compromise on quality or convenience, ensuring that even in limited spaces, your chickens can enjoy a comfortable and stylish home. Ideal for modern lifestyles, this coop simplifies poultry care while maximizing your outdoor area, allowing you to delight in the pleasures of backyard chicken keeping with ease and elegance.

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Product Description

Customizable Exteriors:

  • Tailor your coop to match your style – choose between stained Pine Board & Batten, stained Pine Tongue & Groove, or the sleek finish of painted LP SmartSide. The coop exterior becomes a canvas for your aesthetic preferences.

Secure Entry Points:

  • Ensuring both security and flexibility, the coop features a keyed entry door for easy access and a purpose-built chicken door. The chicken door includes latches allowing you to set it in either an “open” or “closed” position, providing you with control over your flock’s movements.

Convenient Features for Your Feathered Friends:

  • Make life comfortable for your chickens with a detachable wood chicken ramp, thoughtfully painted or stained to seamlessly blend with the coop. Nesting boxes equipped with a gas prop on the lid provide easy access for egg collection and a wood roosting bar inside offers a cozy perch for your flock.

Optimal Ventilation and Light:

  • Keep the coop fresh and well-lit with a gable vent or vent lid, ensuring proper ventilation for your poultry. A window with a screen invites natural light while keeping unwanted guests at bay.

Durable Interior Elements:

  • The coop interior boasts a reliable ⅝” LP SmartFloor with a 10-year warranty, offering a solid and comfortable surface for your chickens. Supported by pressure-treated legs and runners, the coop is built to withstand the test of time.

Robust Roofing Structure:

  • Designed for durability, the A-Frame Chicken Coop features an aluminum drip edge and LP TechShield roof sheathing. Topped with 30-year architectural shingles, your coop is ready to face the elements with resilience.

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Trailside Structure’s secure chicken coops provide safety and comfort to flocks of all sizes. With various accessories, colors, functionalities, and capacities to choose from, our coops can be customized to fit any property. Get started by requesting coop pricing or downloading our catalog below.