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What is a K-9 Unit?

A K-9 unit refers to a specialized group of police officers and their service dogs who are trained in a variety of tasks. The unit includes both the human officer and the canine officer, who are considered partners, just as two human officers would be. The human officer cares for their partner on and off … Read More

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How to Start a Dog Boarding Business

Do you love dogs and taking care of lovable furballs? You can take this passion for canines and turn it into a business called dog boarding. What is Dog Boarding? Also known as a dog daycare or boarding kennel, a dog boarding business provides care for dogs while their owners are unavailable. This could be … Read More

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What Are the Different Types of Rescue Shelters?

Rescue shelters are a great way to find dogs or cats in need of rehoming and will often cost less than purchasing a pet from a pet store or professional breeder. Rescue shelters are usually non-profit organizations run by volunteers or a small staff of paid employees, which rely on adoption fees and donations to … Read More