Log Cabin Builders in Boise Idaho

Prefab Log Cabins and Tiny Houses for Sale in Boise, Idaho

Looking to expand your backyard? Trailside Structures are log cabin builders set to help you improve your property valuable and at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re looking for an oasis of calm after a busy day or another space for entertaining, log cabin homes and tiny homes can bring you closer to the outdoors.

Boise Log Cabin Builders

Log cabin homes instantly conjure images of a rustic lifestyle in the great outdoors. While they have been traditionally popular with hunting and fishing enthusiasts, prefab modular cabins are truly for anyone looking to get away from it all in Boise, Idaho.

We are log home builders providing residents of the Boise, Idaho area specialized custom log cabins that can be as large or as small as you need. Whether you’re looking for a quaint guest cottage big enough for a couple visitors, or whether you’re seeking a much bigger space for the whole family, we got you covered.

There are many kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom options available as well. All of our cabins are fully insulated with fiberglass and Pro Dex reflective insulation, so these modular log homes can be enjoyed all year round. Air conditioning options are also available to combat those hot Boise summers or baseboard heating to stay warm during the harsh winters. A large front porch can be the perfect spot to relax and the lofted ceilings in these structures can expand your storage options for clothing, appliances, gardening supplies and more. Or you might choose to add a large closet or extra cabinets in the kitchen area for outdoor entertaining. The custom log cabin options are endless!

Modular log cabins can provide a refreshing addition to your outdoor space or can be your home away from in a new location.

Tiny Houses For Sale in Idaho

Tiny homes are slightly different from modular log cabins. You get the option of big storage and comfort on a small scale; most tiny homes are between 100 to 400 square feet. Some are even as small as 80 square feet! These tiny homes aren’t just for people seeking to downsize; the tiny house movement is known for promoting sustainable living and a flexible lifestyle.

Tiny housesfor sale in the Boise, Idaho area are endlessly customizable for you and your needs. From recessed porches and modern lines, to traditional farmhouse design, today’s tiny houses don’t compromise design for space. There are also tiny homes available on wheels, so you can take your adventure with you anywhere. Tiny house builders have expertise in the latest small home building practices so you can be sure you are getting a high quality finished product.

Start Building Your New Log Cabin Home

When you work with Trailside Structures, you can be sure your Boise log cabin or tiny home is built to last and fits the lifestyle you lead.

Contact us today to learn more about our modular log cabins! We pride ourselves on attention to detail and look forward to providing you with a beautiful structure you’ll be proud to enjoy for years to come.

We’re extremely proud of our cabins and would love to discuss them further with you. Click either Contact Us below to get the conversation started or Learn More to continue reading about our cabins.

Modular Log Cabin Gallery

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Highly Recommended! Great Work Relationship!

On Aug 11th Trailside Structures delivered a cabin I contracted them to build. The cabin was built in their workshop in Moore Mt. The structure of the cabin size was one of their standard size, roof style and wall height. I asked them to modify the interior and add a second floor which required lowering the floor and installing a fold down ladder to access the second floor. I asked them to shell up the cabin because I was going to finish out the inside myself. I worked with Trailside Structures giving them drawings and dimensions where I would like things and how and they were very receptive to the things I wanted, and they made suggestions of how they would like things, so it would make it easier to build and satisfy what I was looking for. First, I would have to say it was an excellent work relationship since there was an ease of setting on details of the cabin to fit my needs and for them to build the cabin. Second the materials and choice of colors was easy for my wife and me to choose what we were looking for in the cabin. I would highly recommend Trailside Structures to anyone who is looking for a utility shed they want to modify into a cabin.

Howard R. Duvall