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Montana's Best Prefab Tiny Houses For Sale

More homeowners are making the move from traditional environments to cozies spaces that can highly versatile and customizable. A typical home in the United States is about 2,600 square feet. Whereas a home commonly referred to as a "tiny house" can be anywhere from 100 and 400 square feet. Many homes of this size make wise use of living environments with smart storage solutions and an efficient use of available space. This is just one of several reasons why the tiny house movement is bigger than ever.

The Tiny House

Designed to get the most of a small area, this model features a kitchen, bathroom, washer-n-dryer hookups, bedroom, 2 lofts, shelving, and a 6 x 6 porch, all in a small package. Has a removable ladder to the main loft and pull down attic ladder in front loft. Includes all the standard cabin features.

The kitchen and bathroom include all the standard kitchen/bath features; including upper cabinets. This one does include a window and light/fan in the bathroom figured into the price.

Take a look at some of our Tiny House floor plans:

Tiny Home Gallery

prefab tiny house montana
Time Home Bathroom
Tiny Home Interior
Tiny Home Sink
Time House Kitchen Cabinets

Highly Recommended! Great Work Relationship!

On Aug 11th Pioneer Sheds LLC delivered a cabin I contracted them to build. The cabin was built in their workshop in Moore Mt. The structure of the cabin size was one of their standard size, roof style and wall height. I asked them to modify the interior and add a second floor which required lowering the floor and installing a fold down ladder to access the second floor. I asked them to shell up the cabin because I was going to finish out the inside myself. I worked with Pioneer Sheds giving them drawings and dimensions where I would like things and how and they were very receptive to the things I wanted, and they made suggestions of how they would like things, so it would make it easier to build and satisfy what I was looking for. First, I would have to say it was an excellent work relationship since there was an ease of setting on details of the cabin to fit my needs and for them to build the cabin. Second the materials and choice of colors was easy for my wife and me to choose what we were looking for in the cabin. I would highly recommend Pioneer Sheds to anyone who is looking for a utility shed they want to modify into a cabin.

Howard R. Duvall