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Montana's Best Prefab Tiny Houses For Sale

More homeowners are making the move from traditional environments to cozies spaces that can highly versatile and customizable. A typical home in the United States is about 2,600 square feet. Whereas a home commonly referred to as a "tiny house" can be anywhere from 100 and 400 square feet. Many homes of this size make wise use of living environments with smart storage solutions and an efficient use of available space. This is just one of several reasons why the tiny house movement is bigger than ever.

The Tiny House

Designed to get the most of a small area, this model features a kitchen, bathroom, washer-n-dryer hookups, bedroom, 2 lofts, shelving, and a 6 x 6 porch, all in a small package. Has a removable ladder to the main loft and pull down attic ladder in front loft. Includes all the standard cabin features.

The kitchen and bathroom include all the standard kitchen/bath features; including upper cabinets. This one does include a window and light/fan in the bathroom figured into the price.

Take a look at some of our Tiny House floor plans:

Tiny Home Gallery

prefab tiny house montana
Time Home Bathroom
Tiny Home Interior
Tiny Home Sink
Time House Kitchen Cabinets

We Are Beyond Impressed!

We are very pleased with our new CREEKSIDE 10×20’ shed delivered yesterday. We are most impressed with the quality and workmanship that went into building it to our request. The flooring and structure is most impressive. I worked with the service department for a few years doing trailer modifications on portable office spaces and at construction sites. This included not only repairs but cut-in windows and doors and walls. So when Vivian and I looked around for a replacement shed we found your products were above the rest as far as workmanship and quality. As you saw I have built some sheds myself and found the price and quality were in our best interest to have our new shed built by you. Thanks once again for your efforts on our behalf as we are sure this shed will last and meet our intended use for many years. Vivian, and I agree with her, this shed looks better than some of the houses we’ve seen and been in that people are living in…

Tony & Vivian Blackwood