12x32 Commercial Kennel - Spring Mills, PA

Front and side view of a custom 12x32 Commercial Kennel with chain link dog runs and brown wood siding.

12x32 6-Dog Kennel

Explore our 12×32 Commercial Kennel, this structure was crafted for the discerning professionals in Spring Mills, PA. This robust kennel was finished with a Custom Stain Eco Wood in a sleek Gray and topped with a unique ABM Metal Roof in Rusty, blending seamlessly with both urban and rural settings.

Project Info

The 12×32 6-Dog Commercial Kennel includes spacious 5.5 x 3.5 dog boxes and 8 x 4 exterior runs to ensure pets have plenty of space. A central aisle allows for smooth daily operations, and dual entries enhance accessibility. This kennel comes equipped with an array of features to streamline daily operations and enhance the care provided to animals:

  • An 11-Lite Prehung Door that offers both security and style.
  • Automatic Water Bowls to ensure a fresh supply of water for the dogs.
  • Stainless Steel Feeders for durable and hygienic food dispensing.
  • A mix of three 24” and three 30” Standard Dog Doors, catering to different dog sizes.
  • 6-Gauge Welded Wire in a 2×4 style for secure and visible enclosures.
  • A Wall-Mounted Propane Heater to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • A 4’ Channel Drain strategically placed in the Center Aisle for easy cleaning and maintenance.


This kennel is not only suited for veterinarians, breeders, and boarding houses but also serves as a valuable structure for animal shelters, pet daycare providers, and K-9 police units that require reliable, safe housing for animals. It’s built with the finest materials to last, making it a smart investment for any professional animal care.