14x36 Commercial Kennel - Edinburg, PA

Front and side exterior view of a 14x36 commercial kennel with red siding, white trim, gray metal roofing, a white window, a white entry door, and 6 dog runs.

14x36 6-Dog Kennel

Introducing our 14×36 Commercial Kennel, customized and delivered to a client in Edinburg, PA, designed specifically for breeding Collies. This expansive facility is crafted with the utmost attention to both functionality and aesthetic, ensuring it meets the unique needs of professional breeders.

Project Info

Key Features of this 14×36 Commercial Kennel Project:

  • Robust Construction: Metal siding in a striking Barn Red color paired with White trim and doors, offering a classic yet resilient structure.
  • Durable Roofing: A Charcoal metal roof provides lasting protection and adds to the overall sleek appearance.
  • Secure Entry: Features a 9-Lite Prehung entry door, blending security with style.
  • Partitioned Spaces: Two interior solid partitions help manage space efficiently, ideal for separating different groups of animals.
  • Upgraded Run Area: Vinyl posts in the run area, a new standard feature, enhance durability and aesthetics.
  • Spacious Interior: Features a variety of dog box sizes, including 4×8 and 4×6 boxes, connected to 6’3″x8′ and 6’3″x4′ run areas, providing ample space for exercise and relaxation.
  • Ventilation System: Equipped with an exhaust fan and a gable vent, maintaining excellent air circulation throughout the kennel.
  • Efficient Drainage: Includes a channel drain system in the floor, simplifying cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • Enhanced Access: Upgraded to 24” Standard Dog Doors for ease of access, along with a 9-Lite Prehung entry door that adds security and style.
  • Utility Area: A 5×14 work area integrated with vinyl posts, now a standard feature in our commercial kennels, adds functionality and flexibility.
  • Convenience Features: The setup includes food and water bowls within reach and electrical fixtures to support daily operations.


This commercial kennel is designed as a comprehensive environment to support the health and well-being of dogs, ensuring they thrive in a professional and nurturing setting. With robust construction and comprehensive features, this kennel stands as a prime example of a tailored solution that efficiently and stylishly supports professional activities.