20x24 Double Wide Commercial Kennel - Yelm, WA

Back view of a custom 20x24 double wide commercial dog kennel with green siding and 4 dog runs.

20x24 4-Dog Kennel

This 20 x 24 Double Wide Commercial 4-Dog Kennel, selected specifically for municipal stray dog programs in Yelm, WA, demonstrates the kennel’s adaptability and resilience. Featuring Avocado LP siding with white trim and an Ash Gray metal roof, the design merges durability with a professional aesthetic.

Project Info

The Trailside Structures Commercial Kennels are engineered for the demands of professional animal care, including veterinary clinics, breeders, and boarding services. This kennel boasts a well-thought-out layout with four 4×5 box units and four 4×10 covered runs, providing ample space for pets. A central 5-foot aisle ensures easy access and operational efficiency. The addition of an 8×10 work area gives caregivers the space needed for daily tasks and animal care. Made from high-quality materials and with detailed craftsmanship, it promises a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for pets.


Key features of this model include:

  • Guillotine and 30” Deluxe Dog Doors for easy access by dogs of all sizes.
  • An Integrated Feed & Water Bowl System to streamline feeding.
  • A Hose Port and Utility Wash Tub for efficient cleaning.
  • An Interior Channel Drain and sloped flooring to manage wastewater effectively.
  • The Elite Gable Vent for optimal ventilation.
  • 4′ High Solid Partitions and 6-gauge Welded Wire Panels ensure safety & security.
  • A Comprehensive Electric Package offers ample lighting and outlets.
  • Pre-wiring supports the installation of heating and cooling systems.
  • An Exterior Flood Light for enhanced night-time safety.
  • Hurricane Clips and Ground Anchors provide extra weather resistance.

Designed to be customizable, this kennel meets the varied needs of different professional settings, emphasizing quality, comfort, and security for the animals it houses.