8x10 Residential Elite Kennel - Woodinville, WA

Eight by ten residential elite dog kennel with gray wood siding, white trim, a white single door, a white window, one dog box, and 1 dog run.

8x10 1-Dog Kennel

Introducing the 8×10 Residential Elite Dog Kennel, delivered to a discerning homeowner in Woodinville, WA in 2020. This state-of-the-art kennel combines functionality with an elegant design, making it a top choice for pet owners looking for a premium living space for their dogs.

Project Info

Crafted with attention to detail, the kennel features LP SmartSide siding in a stylish Light Gray, complemented by crisp White trim and a matching door, creating a clean and modern appearance. The Weather Gray shingle roof not only adds to the visual appeal but also offers durable protection against the elements.


Key Features of the 8×10 Elite Residential Dog Kennel:

  • Spacious Living Area: The 4×8 dog box provides ample room for your pet to rest and relax in comfort.
  • Large Run Area: Adjacent to the dog box, a 6×8 run area offers plenty of space for your dog to exercise and play. It’s secured with a robust gate to ensure safety while allowing for easy access.
  • Convenient Access: A dog door connects the box and run area, promoting easy movement between resting and active spaces.
  • Easy Entry: The main entry door is strategically positioned for hassle-free access to the kennel for feeding, cleaning, and interacting with your pet.
  • Standard Electric Package: Includes a light, switch, and outlet, ensuring the kennel is well-lit and functional.
  • Envi Heater: Keeps the kennel warm and comfortable, especially during the colder months.
  • 6-Gauge Welded Wire: Offers robust and secure containment while maintaining visibility and air circulation.


This kennel is designed to offer comfort and security for your pets, ensuring they have a pleasant space of their own. Whether you’re at home or away, you can rest assured that your dog is housed in a premium facility that prioritizes their comfort and safety.