8x16 Residential Kennel - Sandoval, IL

Exterior of an 8x16 two dog residential dog kennel with brown wood siding, white trim, gray asphalt roofing, 2 windows with white trim, and 2 German Shepherd dogs in 2 separate dog runs.

8x16 2-Dog Kennel

Our 8×16 Residential Kennel, crafted for a pet-loving family in Sandoval, IL, is a practical and stylish home for their family dogs. This couple, who deeply value their dogs’ comfort, especially during their time away, chose our kennel for its thoughtful design and homely feel.

Project Info

The kennel’s Chestnut hue with Navajo trim and doors provides a classic look that complements any backyard setting. It’s built to be more than just functional; it’s built with the comfort of pets in mind.


Key Features Designed for Everyday Convenience and Enhanced Care:

  • Upgraded 24” Dog Doors: Larger entryways for easy access, accommodating bigger breeds comfortably.
  • Electric Package: Equipped with a light, switch, and outlet to simplify care routines and provide visibility at any hour.
  • 6-Gauge Welded Wire (2×4 pattern): Offers a durable and secure outdoor run area while allowing for visibility and air circulation.
  • Solid Interior Partition: Creates separate spaces inside the kennel, making it easier to manage multiple dogs and maintain a clean environment.
  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: The use of Glasbord and a MiraTEC on the interior allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Durability: The materials used, such as the Weather Gray architectural roof shingles and the robust LP SmartSide, ensure the kennel stands up to the elements and wear over time.

These features combine to provide a comfortable, secure, and low-maintenance home for pets, ensuring that they are well-cared for, even when the owners are away.


Choosing our residential kennels means peace of mind for the owners, knowing their beloved pets have a secure and comfortable living space.