How to Build a Wonderful Guest House

pre-built cabin used as a guest house

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How to Build a Wonderful Guest House

Guest houses make wonderful additions to any property. They increase your property value and offer a private space for guests to stay when they visit. Guest houses can even become an additional revenue stream for you. Keep reading to learn how to add one to your home.

bedroom in a guest house

What is a Guest House?

A guest house is a colloquial term for living quarters that are separate from your main house. They can be an attached, separate wing to your home or a completely detached unit, so long as it has its own bedroom(s) and exterior door. They don’t necessarily have plumbing and electricity, but they could. Guest houses are perfect for visiting friends and family to have their own space to stay without paying for a hotel. You could even earn some extra cash by renting the space out with a short-term vacation rental website, like AirBnB.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU for short) is a type of guest home fully detached from your house that includes all the amenities, like plumbing and electricity. They include a full bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette so that your guests can be fully independent if desired. They can be used for temporary visits or for permanent residence as in-law quarters.

How to Build a Guest Home

There are two ways you can add a guest house to your property: purchasing a modular building or designing a custom building. For either option, you’ll need to check with your local zoning officer to understand your zoning laws and to acquire the necessary permits, especially if you are running utilities.

kitchenette in a guest house

Buy a Modular Guest House

A modular, or pre-fab, building is by far the easiest solution for an ADU. These buildings are constructed off-site at a climate-controlled shop, then delivered to your property. All you need to do is install a permanent foundation and connect all of your utilities. Modular cabins from Trailside Structures even come with kitchens and bathrooms already built into the design!

Designing a Custom Guest House

The other option for an ADU is to design and build a custom one for your property. You’ll either have to hire an architect to design one or purchase blueprints from one to get started. Then, you’ll need a contractor to build the structure on your property. The construction process could then take anywhere from 2 to 4 months.

How to Outfit a Guest Home

Once your guest house is built, you’ll need to furnish it before someone can stay there. At the very least, you’ll need beds and some seating for your guests to relax and sleep overnight. If you have a kitchen, you’ll need dining room furniture as well. Rustic wooden furniture is a great option that blends rustic allure with modern comfort and durability. Then, you’ll want to buy decorations for the interior of your ADU. Picking decorations centered around a theme, like a beach or ski lodge theme, will help you when buying wall decor, bed sheets, throw pillows, and other decorations.

Get Started on Your Guest House Today

Does an ADU sound like the perfect addition to your property? Contact Trailside Structures today. Our modular cabins are ideal for guest houses, with spacious bedrooms and kitchens pre-built into all of our designs.