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What is a Modular Cabin?

Also known as a prefab cabin, a modular cabin is an easy way to build a second home or vacation getaway. They are a flexible option that you can customize however you’d like. Keep reading to learn all about Modular Cabins.

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What is a Modular Cabin?

A modular, or prefab, cabin is a cabin that is not built on-location. They are, instead, built off-site in a climate-controlled warehouse to the customer’s specifications. Then, the cabins are delivered to its final destination and permanently installed. Larger cabins will be built in sections and finish construction on-site.

If you opt to add plumbing and electricity, some finishing work will need to be done to connect your utilities. Other than that, you could move in and sleep in your modular cabin the same day they’re delivered! Modular cabins truly are the easiest solution to building a weekend getaway or vacation home.

Not a Cabin Kit

Modular cabins are easily confused with cabin kits, but they are not. Cabin kits are often cheaper but that comes at a huge cost. You are responsible for building your own cabin with a cabin kit, whereas a modular cabin is expertly built by Amish home builders. Also with cabin kits, you will need to fit out the interiors with cabinetry and utilities, when they can be built into a modular cabin.

modular cabin with a loft

Uses of Modular Cabins

Modular cabins truly are a versatile structure that can be used in pretty much any way you can imagine. Here are three popular ways to use your modular cabin that’ll give you some ideas.

Hunting Cabin

Are you a hunting enthusiast? On your hunting grounds, you could build a modular cabin. This hunting cabin will let you spend more time on the trail hunting deer and turkeys and less time on driving back home every evening. You could rent it out to some hunting buddies on weekends where you’re busy and go camping with the family during the off season.

Lake House Cabin

If you are looking for a lake getaway, a modular cabin is a great option. If you own some waterfront property a modular cabin is an easy way to build a lake house. Build a boat launch and dock on the shore and you’ll be able to keep your boat in the water all summer long, no more paying dock fees.

Ski Lodge Cabin

Modular cabins can also make a winter sports getaway much more accessible. You could own some mountainous land where you can go skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling during the winter. Build a modular cabin on that property, and you’ll have a place to warm up by the fireplace and stay the night after a long day of adventuring. When there isn’t snow on the ground, your ski lodge will still make a great camping lodge to spend the weekend or to rent out and make some extra money.

Order a Modular Cabin Today

Are you ready to order a prefab cabin for an instant weekend getaway home? Contact the expert Amish craftsmen at Trailside Structures. Our catalog of modular cabins has numerous designs to choose from and we’ll customize your cabin to your exact needs. Once construction is complete, we’ll deliver it right to your site so you can sleep there that very night!